Get away from the busy corporate environment and enter the peaceful Meher Retreat for a memorable team-building experience. Located just one hour away from Pune, our peaceful retreat provides an ideal setting for building camaraderie and enhancing relationships among coworkers.

Upon your arrival at Meher Retreat, you will be welcomed by the peaceful Matoba Lake and the abundant green landscape that encompasses it. The beautiful scenery creates the perfect environment for a day filled with relaxation, renewal, and team-building exercises.

At Meher Retreat, we recognize the significance of teamwork and collaboration in attaining success in the workplace. This is the reason why we provide a variety of activities meant to unite your team and promote communication, problem-solving, and leadership abilities.

Meher Retreat offers a variety of activities for all, such as outdoor challenges and team-building games. Challenge your team’s agility and coordination in our obstacle course, explore our nature trails or engage in a game and show off your competitive spirit.

Our beautiful environment is ideal for relaxation and contemplation for those seeking to de-stress and rejuvenate. Enjoy a slow walk by the lake, appreciate the peace of nature, or have a peaceful moment of reflection in the midst of the outdoor beauty.

Naturally, every team-building activity needs tasty food to energize your journey. At Meher Retreat, we are proud to present a delicious variety of Maharashtrian food, which includes authentic dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced elements. Enjoy delicious dishes such as pithla-chulivarchya bhakri, bharleli wangi, and endless Aamras to energize your team.

An outing at Meher Retreat offers more than just enjoyment and relaxation; it is a chance to enhance connections and create a stronger team. By escaping the office setting and embracing the natural world, your team can create stronger connections, build trust and respect, and establish lasting relationships that will positively impact your organization for years to come.

Why delay? Take your team to Meher Retreat for a day of adventure, exploration, and team-building activities. It is an ideal method to recognize their effort and commitment, while also supporting their career growth and health.