While a formidable academic background is essential for having a successful career, it is as much important for schools to focus on overall personality development of children. The monotonous schedules and heavy academic burden seldom give them a chance to try new things or find new hobbies. School picnics are an integral part of personality development of children, as they get to explore unique things, and think out of the box.

With the growing pressure of competition and expectations, most children are getting less and less motivated to take up extracurricular activities. Picnics, therefore, become an important tool to let the kids enjoy childhood, though deciding the venue is extremely important. A perfect school outing should have great enjoyment tools, but also encourage students to think about all walks of life, about new hobbies and different things.

Presenting Meher Retreat, a perfect destination for a school trip. It’s got everything one would want from an outing for children, right from adventurous activities to sports that are potential careers. Here are four reasons why Della is the perfect destination for a school picnic: