Are you tired of your noisy, busy routines? Do you feel like you need a little break from everyday life to rejuvenate? Do not worry because we have your needs covered at Meher retreat. As the name suggests, it is a place where your soul can retreat when the stress from daily life becomes overwhelming. 

Located on Pune-Solapur highway, Meher retreat is the perfect place for a one day picnic. It has been changing the way we look at resorts since its establishment in 2015. It is ideal for people who want to escape the bustling city for a few hours due to its serene environment. The place is full of trees, abundant with clean, fresh air – a luxury in today’s world. It has made the retreat destination popular among bird-watchers. 

For kids, adults and everyone in between. 

There is something for everybody at Meher retreat. The large area of the retreat park has an area of the clean Mahtoba lake, where you can relax and indulge in the scenery. There are play parks for children to run around and have fun. There is also a pets zoo, guaranteed to make your kid smile. 

Beating the blues in summer. 

Clean swimming pools to beat the summer heat and exotic gardens to take a stroll. If swimming pools seem mundane, then the rain dance will surely lift your spirits. The lush greenery at Meher Retreat attracts some unusual bird species, not likely to be spotted in an urban area. This retreat destination is explorable in a single day, making it perfect for a family outing or weekend getaway. 

Authentic, homegrown food. 

You also do not need to bother about bringing food as you will get simple vegetarian food here. The sugarcane juice and Aamrus will have you wanting more. Meher retreats offer traditional, vegetarian Maharashtrian dishes, such as Pithla, Matki Usal, Taak, Thecha, Bharleli Wangi, Mathatle Dahi and many others. The best part about the food at Meher Retreats is that it is homegrown and locally sourced. 

Fun activities such as the Hurda party, tug of war and other games played in this place are ideal for a corporate outing. If physically taxing activities are not your thing, you can play carrom while having a chat. The agri-tourism initiative is also great for corporate outings. You can get a taste of rural life with bullock-cart rides and vast farms. One of the unique services in Meher retreats is the observation towers, a perfect place to observe the starry sky for astronomy enthusiasts. 

The farms are worth a visit, especially if you are interested in learning about various irrigation methods, farm equipment, fruit plantations and vermiculture. There is also a jaggery making unit and a dairy farm, giving you the most authentic experience of the agri-tourism industry. 

In a nutshell, this place has everything required for a fun, educational and relaxing trip back into the lap of nature. This exotic destination sprawling over 27 acres is worth a visit in all seasons. It has everything you need for the most peaceful, fun outing, whether it is a one day picnic or a short break. It is unique because it combines an authentic rural lifestyle with ultramodern services, ensuring that the visitors are comfortable.